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Linde's Advanced 21° Technology Changes the Industry Standard Forever.

Linde’s new 02 Series is a leader among high pressure pump and motor applications. These units feature an innovative piston design that allows the swash plate to travel 21°, an axial piston technology found only at Linde. The units are extremely compact while delivering a higher power density compared to conventional designs. With a peak pressure of 7250 psi, Linde's 02 Series provides power when you need it.

Linde's innovative minds are always at work, as they have also engineered the 02 Series to be dependable and cost competitive. Boasting a modular design, the series offers a high degree of interchangeable components, thus lowering manufacturing and inventory costs.

A key advantage of the 02 Series is the swash plate's ability to travel beyond the conventional 18° to a wider 21°, achieving a higher oil displacement with a smaller rotating group. The OEM engineers are able to select a Linde 02 unit that is on the average 18% smaller, while improving power delivery.

The Linde 02 Series has the right fit for your needs. Linde’s pump series starts at 55cc, for closed loop and open loop applications. The fixed motor series delivers power starting at 28cc, in either closed or open loop applications. Variable and/or regulated motors begin at 55cc. Linde is ready to bring this cutting-edge hydraulic series to your applications. For more information, click further.








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