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LinDrive = Reliability


LinDrive = Reliability

LinDrive™. Reliability for enhanced economic efficiency.

 –  High operational availability
 –  Application-optimised
 –  Defined machine response to system failure
 –  Meets high requirements of road traffic admission
 –  Optimum safety for operator and his environment

The reliability of the Linde propel drive stems from the high operational availability of all its system components and its comprehensive safety concept.

LinDrive boasts long-term, reliable control of the propel drive in any given situation and at any given point of operation, ensuring that the operator has complete, reliable control of his machinery at all times. The components are robust, making them ideal for continuous use and operation under extremely tough conditions.

These features allow tracked loaders and bulldozers to withstand the tough conditions of the raw materials industry, tunnel construction, civil engineering and road construction over the long term. Total reliability and availability are particularly important in the mining industry. LinDrive helps keep costly downtimes of roof bolters and scalers to a minimum. Combine harvester and forage harvester contractors and operators can rely on a high level of safety even in 24-hour operation.

The unique Series 02 design features form the basis for high operational availability and a long service life. The hydrostatic bearing and the unusual material combination of the piston slipper assembly result in low-wear operation, which in turn encourages reliable performance. Furthermore, the high reset forces that act in the pump control enable accurate control (mechanical, hydraulic or electric) at any point of operation.

It is imperative that mobile machines offer high safety standards for the operator and his environment, both when working and when on the road. The LinDrive concept is tailored to each specific application, factoring in the various aspects of vehicle safety right down to road traffic admission.

This includes minimising the susceptibility of system components to faults and ensuring reliable machinery control in extreme situations or in the event of a fault. This means that a 40-tonne harvester or a sweeper moving in traffic at 50 km/h can always be brought to a standstill safely and in a controlled manner with no risk to the operator.

Alongside the precision and availability that are typical of Series 02, hydraulic and electric pump control also feature another option designed to comply with the strict requirements of road traffic admission. The pump is swashed back to neutral under full control if the variance comparison reveals a deviation. This generates a deceleration which ensures that the vehicle is brought to a standstill without endangering the driver; this deceleration is tailored to the specific application. Depending on the application, braking can be supported by adjusted swashing back of the motor.

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