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LinDrive = Precision


LinDrive = Precision

LinDrive™. Precision for enhanced economic efficiency.

 –  Simple, intuitive operation
 –  Non-fatiguing working
 –  Precision control
 –  Excellent continuity of movement
 –  Optimum efficiency

Only the accurate execution of driving commands ensures that both operator and machinery work with precision, providing a rapid response and a reproducible effect. Adjustments and repositioning become a thing of the past with LinDrive, with each and every driving command being executed directly — in line with the operator's instructions and factoring in the needs of the specific situation. Driving becomes child's play thanks to foreseeable, accurate vehicle responses in all speed ranges. This lightens the load on the driver, allowing him to focus his full attention on the work functions.

Using road surfacing machinery fitted with LinDrive, for instance, it is possible to achieve impressive surfacing accuracy with tolerances of just a few millimetres, even in multiple shift operation. Ensuring total precision is also key when using harvesters and tractors. Productivity is increased by consistently and accurately maintaining a preselected speed over long stretches, regardless of the ground conditions. Furthermore, material handling equipment can be positioned with great precision, which eliminates the need for any subsequent corrective actions and thus boosts handling performance. .

Intuitive machine operation and precision control lead to extremely effective work and enhance the economic efficiency of your machine.

The technology that enables this precise machine control is the control concept of the
Series 02 variable pumps. The concept uses position feed-back control, which compensates for undesirable load impacts. This ensures that each driving signal always elicits the same machine response, and that this response is low in hysteresis and independent of the traction forces or the loads to be transported.

The benefits of the variable pump concept are even greater when combined with the HMV-02 hydraulic motors. Regular torque enables smooth start-up, precise control and exact manoeuvrability even at low speeds, as well as the ability to hold constant speeds with accuracy.

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